You back out of Cheong Wa Dae and head through the streets of Seochon through the labyrinth of police buses. The police watch you, but there's nothing they can do while you have their president in your clutches. The street in front of Gwanghwamun is crowded, but the protesters move aside for you. You drive straight up over Sejong Boulevard to the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, where the Sewol protest tents are. There, you upturn your shovel and deposit President Park Geun-hye right on her ass, surrounded by the bereaved families of the Sewol ferry victims.

"She's all yours, folks!" you shout, then throw your excavator in reverse and back out of there.

You're so tired and you've come a long way, but can you really rest while evil still rules the Korean Peninsula?

What now?

It is time to give up. For now.

The battle never ends. Onward and northward!