You raise Park up in your shovel, preparing to deal a killing blow.

"Wait!" she cries. "I can give you my illicitly gotten fortune!"

"What good will that do me?" you retort. "I'm not getting out of here alive after all I've done!"

"I also know a secret way out of here," Park says. She directs you around to a spot in the grass where she commands you to dig. You soon uncover a big chest full of gold bars.

"Now, about this way out?" you say as soon as the treasure is loaded into your shovel.

"Sure," she says, "but you have to take me with you!" She shows you a big cargo door leading to a deep tunnel.

"This leads to Gwacheon," she tells you.

What will you do?

I've got what I need from her, so now I'll get rid of her.

I'll take her with me.