You invite her into the cabin of your excavator. There's not much room, so she sits in your lap. You pilot the excavator into the tunnel and gun it for the other end. A sign says it's in Gwacheon.

"When we get to the other end, I have friends who can sneak us out of the country. No one will ever know!" Park tells you, grinding seductively in your lap.

"Madame President, are you trying to seduce me?" you ask her.

"Chung Yoon-hoi didn't call me the maneater of Cheong Wa Dae for nothing!" she giggles coquettishly.

"Can I ask, why do you want to leave it all behind?" you ask her. "Why not stay and fight?"

"I'm tired of ruling," she tells you. "And I'm guilty as fuck. It's time to move on and live just for Geun-hye."

This totally seems like she's setting you up for betrayal. But, once you reach the far end of the tunnel, a truck is waiting for you there. It brings you to an airfield nearby, and before you know it you're on a flight to the Cayman Islands with Geun-hye.

The two of you live out the rest of your days in relative luxury out there, out of the grasp of the authorities. Personally, I'm a little skeezed, but congrats to you two, I guess.