2019 Phone Pictures

I celebrated the start of 2019 at Pussyfoot Saloon.

After the Reseters/1234-Dah! show, a bunch of us got our show stamps turned into art. I got a seagull.

Michael Hurt was working on a project with a model where he would take pictures of her in a variety of uniforms in related settings. She basically went and worked at this restaurant called Cheer Up Pub so he could go there and observe and photograph her at work.

I did not bring my own camera gear so I wouldn't get in his way, hence the use of the smartphone.

I forget what I saw in this shot, but something about the pillar design I think.

Or is it Cheek Up Pub? That would make sense too.

Cheer Up is the former location of a Hooters, and they did not bother to hide that fact so well.

Et tu, hooter?

Meanwhile, outside I found a place actually alled "Owl."

Someone gave me two hard-boiled eggs at a bar. I did eventually eat them.

In the bottom of an old bag, I found some haircare products I kept from my first North Korea visit in 2010. I have little use for haircare products. Pomhyanggi has been getting more attention recently.

The cats were next to each other without fighting.

I gave this postcard away to a coworker.

Snoring cat.

Purring cat.

Millie was 13 at the time, and Lady Bird is 16.

I took a couple phone pictures at Yeosu's aquarium.

There's the Big-O, a centerpiece where they have a big fiery fireworks show. I think it might still happen in summer.

I stopped by Butterfly Island in old Yeocheon, very close to where my uncle used to live. I wanted to write an article about the place but they declined.

Here's a bullethole in the Jeonil Building in Gwangju.

Looking from the Jeonil Building to the Asia Culture Center.

Good shirt.

This talks about the heroic citizens including bar girls who donated blood during the Gwangju Massacre.

I got to the second floor of an isolated but highly visible abandoned house, and looked in one window to take this shot.

More abandoned houses nearby.

On the train back to Seoul.

Millie hides in the blankets.

I tore this glove a year earlier on barbwire at the religious retreat. I really need new gloves.

Millie surveys her domain.

I took only camera pictures at Maloney's Station's opening.

Brendan looks like he's celebrating.

Ramy shows up.

The Yongsan Disaster happened right at that construction gate. The building's corner was at the blue vertical part with the 2.

Intereting choice to show house fires on a big ad here, regardless of what it's for.

Here are a couple cats I fed on Yongsan Garrison. Their clipped ears show they're both neutered.

Leaving base at night.

An abandoned neighbourhood in Ahyeon, now demolished. This is from our Lunar New Year visit.

After Ahyeon we went to Sinchon and hit a roof.

Then Beer O'Clock.

And we went to the Host Tunnel.

A Bone Tunnel bone.

We discovered Yongsan Pochachon, the basement version, was gone.

This is in Incheon.

Mostly gone.

There's the big failed road that became a parking lot and two caves.

The Space Beam robot.

Or Incheon Culture Brewery robot now, maybe.

A fake mental hospital at an abandoned military base.

Hanging out on set.

This is the building they planned to turn into a hostel.

A comfort woman statue with a scarf.

Bob Marley watches us eat dakgalbi.

The Eungam Loop on a map.

Are those things anthropomorphic subway cars?

Sending newspapers off to a contributor.

Abandoned hanoks, I think in northeastern Seoul.

This is a bar near my home that has guest rooms.

I like when they use harsh language.

Coming soon!

Sticking her tongue out.

My sister arrives.

Watching Comagens at Jebi Dabang.

Buster likes hanging out with my sister.

Millie likes hanging out with dead things she can eat.


A suitable way to advertise the latest smartphone.

I did some plumbing and removed a bunch of stuff.

Somehow I was able to put it back together.

I don't remember where I saw this.

Buster still won't leave the couch where my sister had been sleeping.

Coetzer petsat this dog.

Buster wakes up.

Millie's in the box.

Showing off his guns for my sister.

Jae at Maloney's Station.

During the RASKB tour of Samgakji, I photographed the old military property that's been sitting there for ages.

I took this picture to remind myself I left a Swiss Army knife on top of the mirror at the washroom in Gimpo Airport.

A hotel on Jeju that seems to be closed.

So no barfing?

The plane approaches Seoul.

Or, Seol.

Upside-down cat.

While at Halal Guys, I saw they were demolishing a bunch of buildings across the street. By then it was too late to go in.

Inside the hospital.

North Korean kimchi spice.

I took this to show that I had delivered newspapers for someone.

I initially thought this said "Them City."

The "calorie bomb toast" that Jenn mentions in her lecture.

Where Kim Gu was killed.

His bloody clothes.

And underwear.


We went to this abandoned church to find some fairly threatening signs.

An abandoned neighbourhood back in the city.

I missed out on this one. Eye-catching due to the temple on the ledge.

A look under one of the bridges.

I visited the old Noryangjin fisheries market.

There is quite a lot of damage.

These Gummi military candies are pretty good.

I re-enacted a war.

Abandoned mural at a shaman's house.

Lots of smaller paintings.

Personal photos left behind.

And a figurine.

Plus one huge bujeok.

Buster misses my sister.

Millie misses food.

Millie has developed this expectation that there will always be dry food when she comes in from the roof.

Buster types with his nose.

Sunset from the office.

I visited Gijachon, but there were too many Christians around.

I only got a glance of the area that had been demolished.

Sitting cross-legged.

I had had an argument at work about the term paprika.

Drinking Canadian ice wine.

And beer.

Various cities verbing you.

This one is interesting.

I went to the press club for a monthly meetup.

A one-eyed cat.

A drain was backed up on my roof.

Millie sniffs some binders filled with very old papers.

The site of an abandoned house.

This is from the 1990s. Yes, the media gave him too much attention back then too.

Millie had a toothache.

Going to the dentist.

This other cat basically lived in a cage and I think they wanted to adopt him out. He was becoming very anti-social.

Another sunset.

Fixing that drain.

And another sunset.

Another meeting at the press club. Most of the people over there are from the Chinese embassy. My coworker who is on the national defence beat left her purse right there.

Toys left for garbage.

Hurricane damage.

A fake grocery store with North and South Korean goods.

Someone left some cat furniture for anyone to take for free in my building. Millie is now curled up inside this.

I got to vote again.

Exploring the neighbour's apartment.


Buster and his doppelganger.

To people who hate pineapple on pizza, would you prefer pickled daikon radish?

Two urban explorers snuggle while Millie judges.

Now here's the four of them.

They're at it again.

That building is mentioned in this article.

A protest in my neighbourhood. As best as I can tell, they're angry that someone called Huam-dong a shantytown?

Slurpees are back.

We needed pictures for this article. Here's one that shows two foreigners more aggressiely sitting in the street.

Funny because there used to be a punk venue in Daejeon called Going Merry.

This picture was used for the Slurpee article.

This didn't work out.

We got a bathtub. Millie has not had a bath yet.

Or beer.

Looking at other cats on the internet.

Under cover.

She didn't know her tail was touching him.

When the yarnbombing first appeared. It is still up and much of it still looks good. The yellows are fading.

Yes, CVS4U has a vegan meal, and it is very good.

It was amusing to see the "Urban Myths" episode on the Sex Pistols appearing on Bill Grundy's show, now that I personally know someone in the band. The whole series is highly worth watching.

Nogari alley in Euljiro.

I wanted to use this postcard for art in a new column I started. But another editor feared it would violate North Korean copyright.

Millie wants yogurt.

Buster wants the froot rings, brother.

A clear day seen from the office.


A purple-yellow sunset.

I had an idea for a wearable keyboard for cats, so they could receive attention while you work on your computer. This is a prototype.

While printing the latest Broke, I got a copy of Chain Reaction's CD.

A Bone Tunnel bone, washed downstream.

Lights on in the Bone Tunnel.

This tag is near the massive Host mural, probably the artist's signature.

We see the last traces of daylight at the tunnel entrance. The workers were still there.

This door leads to Burning Sun.

Also seen in Gangnam.

I have had to work the city edition shift six days a week for the last two weeks, because my coworker tripped over a TV stand exactly like this one and broke his arm badly in the office. He got back on New Year's Eve.

Please remember that these photos are all copyrighted to me. If you want to use them in any way, there's a 90 per cent chance I'll give you my permission, and be able to give you a copy with a higher DPI.
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