Salon Nomad

First band I saw was Fishingirls.

The light was only focused well on the lead singer.

After that was 444.

Then it was the Reseters.

Janghyup is trying to show off that head of hair he's grown.

I put my beer down, and when I looked again I had no idea which one of these two was mine. Fortunately someone nearby happened to see my panic and correct me.

I think this is the first band I've seen Ahn Akhee sing for.

I had no idea who this guy was, until I heard him sing and I realised last time I saw him he had a great deal of hair, and had shown up at the last Pegurians show with an electric razor. If I'm right, that's him on the right side of this picture with the huge beard.

Last shot of the show.

My pictures of No Answer were not so good. Here's one.

The room waiting for the last band.

I caught her taking a selfie and snapped this quickly.

Time for The 1234-Dah!

Time for food after.

The next table over. We filled this restaurant.

She set to work turning our stamps into new pieces of art.

I ended up with a seagull.

It was Songi's birthday.

Wait, reset the candles.

It was also Jung-min's birthday.

Time to pay the bill.

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