Abandoned Army Base

A look at the motor pool. There is so much mist we can barely see the base.

Kanghee became distracted by this safe, and I hurried ahead.

This is around where I heard the chemicals being dumped. The truck was parked where I am standing, and the chemicals could've been dumped behind me or over by Oceane. See the concrete structure right behind her in the undergrowth? Originall I was hiding behind that.

Being in Love.

So we wandered into an old army gymasium, where we found new plywood walls that weren't here on my last visit on Christmas. That time, we found a shooting script for a K-drama. This time, we found an entire freaking film set.

Another boardroom.

The only sign of personalisation here.

A photo of the two of us. Somehow I couldn't sit still for any of the photos I was taking.

She had less problem.

Time to pull out the guns.

I found a large map showing the Yongsan Station area as of at least a decade ago.

This is a look at the railyard. The green buildings are all gone now but the blue, pink, and one yellow building remain.

Yongsan Station is in the lower left, and immediately above it, those two wing-shaped blocks, that's the former red-light district. The alley running left-right straight through the middle was lined with the pink windows. From the right wing, you can see a crosswalk leading further up. On the other side of that road, immediately to the right, past an alley entrance leading further up, is a building on the corner called Namildang. That's where the Yongsan Disaster happened, right on the corner within throwing range of the crosswalk. My former boss lived in one of the three highrises along the upper end of this plot, and saw it all happen from above.

Well, we found KCSI uniforms. They were cheap and the letters peeled off easily, indicating they were cheap filming props.

A rogue KCSI agent investigates a crime scene.

Looks like we're going to need some firepower.

We found some pictures showing the office setting they must've been trying to mimic.

Anyway, outside, we went through one of these green gates. They never are actually locked, and seem intended to just direct casual throughtraffic.

Another view from around the chemicals dumping site.

Heading downhill.

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