Abandoned Army Base

While looking for a washroom, I ended up on a roof overlooking the former motor pool.

Now turned into a very unnecessary park.

We walked through the ville a little.

Nobody I've spoken to ever went to this church or used the help center for foreigners with the sign only in Korean.

We found the interior of the base with green fences everywhere, the kind that are easy enough to jump, though the gates were unlocked and it was easy enough to just walk around the ends.

Looking back the way we came.

They were really careful to cover stuff up.

This is basically salt for roads.

That one active building had a sign pointing to a washroom. I don't think it was there last week.

It also was no help to us as this door was locked.

They shaved this off.

Not 100% sure what this is.

Tracing my steps to the barracks.

What look like deer tracks in the dust.

We also visited this building which has been identified as NCO quarters.

Not sure why all the names were in Korean. They must've been the last occupants after the Americans left.

Kind of reminds me of a western-style motel.

This sign was on a door for a janitor's closet, occupied only by a big sink.

I did not investigate what was in these.

The gym floor was defaced to cover up any names.

This explains the OCN signs. They filmed part of an upcoming supernatural procedural here.

When we came down, we were a little surprised to find the front gate chained shut. Luckily all of us were able to squeeze through.

The Moon Club has a sign up advertising rooms for students.

The ATM was surprisingly lit up.

We went out for dakgalbi.

We also later had budae jjigae, which seems thematic for this.

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