Abandoned Neighbourhood

On first entering the abandoned area, we were greeted by a very loud cat I didn't get any pictures of. Then we went up to this roof.

Old plates and Jesus.

There were all sorts of patterns in this road, probably part of the beautification project that had started here before abandonment.

I found one room filled with model jets hanging from the ceiling.

Not the easiest things to photograph.

Seems to be thanking a parent named Eunhye?

This sign was on a door leading out to a small veranda. Doesn't seem like there's a reason not to go out there.

The original occupant?

There were lots of Stars of David around here. Probably not what it's supposed to be.

We climbed higher and got to a part I'd never seen before.

Hey, it's my old friend Totoro! I haven't seen him since Singeumho was demolished!

He moved in with a bear wearing a bunny fursuit.

Lots of books here.

Including one that seems to be about Buster.

When I got to the roof, I discovered that my way into this area was being staked out by two older men, so I decided to lay low or look for an alternate way out.

I ended up going from the green-lined house into the punk building, and coming out the bottom and making it onto another roof there.

There were lots of kids' toys up here.

I had hoped Kat would fit in this. She wouldn't.

This was a better fit.

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