Totoro's Neighbourhood

Looks like it's Christmas.

A piano, kind of.

Totoro was home and waiting for me.

He took me on a tour of the area.

Here is his friend's home. Nobody was there.

We saw these workers with 119 shirts.

Totoro took us on a secret shortcut.

Next we went up on a roof.

Totoro's bike.

First time meeting Jackson.

Bath time for Totoro.

Built close together.

I am on a different roof from Jackson.

Seems to be possible gangster graffiti.

This way.

We stopped by the subway station to pick up more people.

I hope you brought good shoes.

Not the best shoes.


Not many people around.

Totoro wants to smash some rooftops.

He does not want to smash mirrors.

On the edge.

In the distance.



Totoro's car.

He really seemed to like this thing.

This was one of the better places to view the whole area.

Totoro wants to play a game.

"I'm Korean; this isn't right."

A properly staged game.

Totoro knows all the hiding places.

This had some interesting design.

It's getting late but Totoro's still hyper.

Which way is home?

Well here's the evictee HQ.

Here's the smashed piano.

There was an old man sitting in front of Totoro's previous home, so I brought him here instead. He looks a lot happier here.

No video games.

The area seemed lonely without Totoro.

I can see work from here.

Let's try that German place.

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