Bukchon Hanok Village

Robert sometimes looks like he's dancing.

Bereket was taking tons of pictures of everyone until his battery died.

Bukchon has these things too.

This gate was currently undergoing renovation work.

On Robert's last Bukchon tour a year ago, the site behind that fence was a pile of dirt. I slipped in and got into the basement. Now, it's a Hanok.

We went around to the other side of it.

Those workers were handing up balls of mud to be spread out on top of the roof.

This is one of Robert's favourite Hanoks in the area.

This one next door has a wall and a gate artificially added to seem less urban.

We got into the impressive one, which is now a guesthouse and had been a filming site for this drama.


My former home is at the top of that building. I used to leave my garbage right at this historic well here.

Another look at my former home, with the kitchen window visible on the top floor.

This was the office of the guy on the left in the door, who was...I think an architect? I showed up late.

He had a rebel droid.

The two-storey Hanok Robert hates, and art which shares his feelings.

Another view of my former home, the blue structure on the right.

Looking to the left, over many of the Hanoks I could have viewed from my bedroom window.

See that big blue roof on the right? Click here to see it on the left in the view from my kitchen window. Click for full size.

I identify more with the guy in the cartoon than the people this sign is intended for.

Foreign tourists.

A Hanok remodeling site.

Looks like they're deconstructing the old materials.

"Bukchon is going to blow up."

One of the workers hired to monitor tourists to prevent disruption.

We stopped around the corner, in front of David Kilburn's home.

Heading down over the other side.

Kim Koo as Santa Claus seems a bit...blasphemous.

An abandoned building in Samcheong-dong.

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