You jump out of your excavator and run to his side. "I'm afraid...I don't have much time," he says.

"Look, I'm sorry about that, but the future of the country rides on what I do next," you say.

"So, you came to kill Choi Soonsil?" he chuckles, spitting up blood. "She isn't even here."

"Then where is she?" you ask. "Dammit, tell me where!"

"She's at a detention center just up the road," he wheezes, pointing his finger in the direction you have to go before collapsing in your arms, this time for good. You jump back in your excavator and head in the direction the guard pointed. The road leads to an unimpressive building, more of a dormitory filled with holding cells. You use your shovel to pry open the wall, uncovering Choi Soon-sil in there, sitting on the bed talking on the phone, probably to her daughter about horses.

She looks up at you in horror, but you know this is what she wanted, deep down.

You use the shovel of your excavator to mash her into paste, all the while the police take up defensive positions around you. Well, that was satisfying, but was it worth it? You killed her. Is there any fight in you left, or will you surrender to the police?

Yes, onward to Cheong Wa Dae to finish the job!

Ha ha ha! So what? Do anything you want to me now! I killed Choi Soon-sil!