"I committed a capital offence and deserve to die!" wails Choi Soon-sil on the TV in your office as she enters the prosecutors' office in Seoul.

This is fucking disgusting, you think, as you gaze upon the face of evil who was responsible for all the misfortune that has befallen your country and its people. The blacklist against artists, the corporate corruption, the power of the rich over poor, religious immorality, all the fault of this one contemptible woman.

You survey the interior of the construction crate you've converted into your office. You're a modest business owner, renting out construction equipment. Many of the vehicles on your lot could be used as weapons and turned against the powers that be. Now is the time for extreme action. Or maybe violence is never the answer. What's it gonna be?

I'll trust the legislative and judiciary system to serve justice.

I'll help Choi Soon-sil to die.