Stormfront vs ESL Cafe

One's an online community where narrow-minded idiots go to express their ethnocentric views -- the other is arguably the world's largest website for white supremacists. The question is: can you tell the difference between an ESL teacher in Korea and a Klansman? Let's find out. What follows are quotations lifted from ESL Cafe and Stormfront. In no way do I intend to poke fun at Stormfront here; while researching this feature, I respected how well they moderate themselves. But make no mistake -- if many of them came to Korea they would end up cultureshocked and blubbering like a typical ESL Cafe member. To find the answer, just highlight the text to the end of the line or hit CTRL+A and you'll see the answers appear.

1 1the reason blacks in that age group have more HIV-AIDS is because they're more promiscuous than any other ethnic/racial group. Now, dearie, I know that's not PC to say, but someone needs to nudge you back to reality. Why do you suppose blacks have the highest number of out-ofwedlock births and the lowest number of father figure households? ESL

2 I don't like Korean men....simple as that. When I meet them, I judge them right away as being jerks. ESL

3 While I have met many Koreans whom I didn't care for, lumping them all as bad is rather ignorant. For example, I have a coworker who is half Korean and she's one of the nicest, good hearted people I know. Of course I wouldn't consider her as a possible mate for obvious reasons, and if the time came for segregation I would bid her farewell, but I most certainly do not wish for her to be exterminated, I mean Jesus Christ people..... SF

4 i have nothing against oriental people at all.however,call them asian and that undermines tem as that includes muslims. SF

5 Whites are cold and logical and masters of weaponry. That's why they rule -- ask D1ck Cheney. ESL

6 While I certainly don't think anyone has a right to commit violence against a particular group or to incite others to commit violence, I can see no logical reason why the government of Canada should be allowed to determine who I can or can't hate. SF

7 Some big black arse tryed to peel a big one on me so I splet Taiwan, foound some stub at Man-toMen here, tells me he's Canadian born. Say, ˇ°Hey, buddy, think this is Americaˇ± So he slgus me one, in the gut, I didn't know he's able to underatand.ESL

8 Truthfuly I love asian people.. well, atleast more then hispanics an ALLOT more then blacks an arabs. I like to go to chinese places an talk with them an eat their food, international district kicks ass! SF

9 Here's an example of my kind of racism: I love to see black folk succeed, as I like to see all people succeed, but I tend to consider crossing the street when I see a group of 10 of em dressed like they're in a 50 cent video. But hey, if I saw 10 white or yellow dudes dressed like they were in a 50 cent video I'd probably.... scratch that. I guess I'd just laugh at them. ESL

10 Anyone else find it interesting that a Communist North Korean general cares about racial purity? SF

11 I've had an African American tell me that she didn't want to live in a black neighborhood because they don't respect each other and can't clean up their messes! ESL

12 Hines Ward is a "hero" to the white males, black males, mixed-races, and Korean female race-mixers in South Korea, and that's about it. SF

13 Both North and South Korea are enemy combatant nations that would just as soon wipe every single one of us off the face of the earth... SF

14 South Koreans are a hateful people, they consider Americans 'lazy' and simply have a contempt for our culture and ideology, they have a sycophantic somewhat jewish approach when it comes to dealing with 'superiors', and are for the most part are completely allien... SF

15 The biggest employer in the US is the US Fed Gov't. The Fed gov't is 17% African American while the African American population as a whole is 13%. Thats a whacked message. ESL

16 Why is it ok for there to be Asian pride, black pride, native american pride but not white pride? Why is it ok for minority based scholarships to exist but not for a scholarship for whites? Oh, poor whites is ok but everyone can apply for those-so long as they're poor... Aren't quotas for college admissions based on race, racist? ESL

17 The Taliban a well known gangster army of the cult of Islam has just mudered its first victim. The Cult of Islam was founded by the pedophile Mohammed. ESL

18 We should care only in the fact that we could learn a few things from people like the Japanese who refuse to become multicultural and cherish their heritage. We, on the whole, are throwing it away in the name of some egalitarian leftist vision called muticulturalism which in the end could turn the USA, Canada and Australia into giant versions of the Dominican Republic. As for Europe, they are slowly turning into an Islamic wasteland , just which may beeven worse culturally. SF

19 Some of the most narrow-minded, bigoted people I've met are American black men. They love to seek out white trophy girls and brag about it to the homeys but if they catch a sista with a white guy, they can't deal with it. ESL

20 I think Asians( except maybe for the japanese) are the sneakiest, most unsanitary and bizarre creatures i ever encountered, oh and they are terrible drivers. SF

21 For radical Zionists such as the Ash-ke-NAZIS, the ends always justify the means ESL

22 And historically, the Nazi's didn't "100%" suck. They were masters of military and industrial innovation. If it wasn't for the Nazi's, the Soviet Union would have owned Europe. And it is indisputable that Stalin was far, far more evil than Hitler. ESL

23 Bringing a mixed race child into this world is the cruelest thing that can be done by the most selfish people. The child has no sense of cultural identity, and is actively shunned by both cultures. SF

24 According to the evidence outlined in "Final Judgment" the Zionists ordered and covered up the assassination. These would be the people that control our government to this day. ESL

25 I like the symbol it looks awesome. I don't like what Nazi scum stand for though, even though I would never trust most Jewish people. I think we all have prejudices and intolerance. There is nothing wrong with thinking this way as long as we don't act on these thoughts and hurt other people. ESL

26 And as I have already mentioned, you are breaking board guidelines by advocating genocide. Do you have no respect for the owner of this board and his rules? SF

27 No one likes to believe that racism exists in America (and elsewhere) however it is a fact of life. Those of us that ignore racism at all levels are being racist by omission. ESL

28 And yes, Korea like Japan is almost completely one group, and yes I wish we had the same percentage. All this aside, this is an assinine thread and only idiots want to destroy whole nations because of a few individuals! SF

29 several posters said that asians hate all white people and are not creative. i have dated a korean girl in the past. she certainly wasnt with me for money, i am poor as ****. we had a great relationship. SF

30 koreatown is a *beep* where all the young korean american thug wannabe's drink and drive, bars and clubs let you smoke inside, there are tons of underpaid immigrant laborers, a huge amount of luxury cars rolling around all the time. ESL

31 Everyone has their crosses to bear. There are now 35,000 mixed race people in South Korea. SF

32 I should start a rabid anti-Nazi crusade. We could get a giant watermelon as our symbol and go around kicking scooters and burning Nazi bars and making all Nazi's (or those with distant Nazi blood) wear giant yellow stars. Then we could round up all of the Nazi's or people that we just don't like and put them into camps and make them slaves in support of our anti-Nazi efforts. After all, it was the Nazi's that created racism and all that is wrong with the world. ESL

33 I've met a few Japanese and Koreans and they all have been very respectful and well educated. They also have a high sense of honour and self respect, something almost totally lost within White people nowadays. But as much as I respect them, they do not belong in White nations. SF

34 Recently my brother had married his Filipino girlfriend of five years... much to my family's dismay since nonintimate relations with people who are not white are only tolerated, dating is like exile (we are still in shock). SF

35 So, to say it briefly: my vision on Asians is that you have 2 kinds of Asians: the civilised Asians, with whom I do not really have a problem, and the thugs, who ARE a problem. Still, the Asian world is a threat for the position of the West in the world both economically and politically. SF

36 I'm racist(if you quantify it that way), I think that Japanese men are cruel, childlike and obnoxious. I also think that black men are aggressive, mentally deficient and criminals by nature. I happen to be not alone with these thoughts. ESL

37 Al Sharpton would do the world, and his familt, a big favour if he were to cut himself long and deep. ESL

38 Okay, what the **** is wrong with you people? Since when is it wrong to want to exterminate a people who hate us? I'd rather nuke Norks though. SF

39 Don't spit on the sidewalk you animals. ESL

40 Finally, let me ask you a question - have you ever stepped up and defended white people like you defended asians here? They are after all YOUR people. SF

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