Other Neighbourhood

A fairly impressive valley of big buildings, framing a mountain peak in the distance. Don't stand up fast.

An empty room for a shaman.

Abandoned mask.

I don't remember which side is up.

More stuff seen in the shaman house.

There's the entrance.

Hey, Club SHARP moved to another new location!

A pretty abandoned-looking street.

The fence was kicked in so I proceeded.

Alley mattress.

On the wrong side of the tape.

Wall murals.

I think yesterday I was at a window of the house in kind of the upper right middle with tan-coloured paper blocking the windows.

Click for full size.

I think it's some kind of transformer.

Precarious wall.

Mexican barbwire.

It seems demolition graffiti is always put on top of mmurals.

There were a number of water-damaged stuffed animals left in this yard for whatever reason.

You can see two more here, not posed for easy photos.


Public fire extinguishers.

Time to go.

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