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A stone bed.

I saw this in another abandoned neighbourhood before.

We found a bust.

There's always a cuckoo clock.

Climbing in.

This house may have been abandoned in 1996.

It was certainly dusty enough.

Somewhere else now.

This was just on an exterior wall in an alley.

We saw this cat sitting on these steps so I fed him.

While this was happening, we ran into volunteers from the Imunnyangi Project who have been trying to trap this cat. They said they caught his friend shortly before.

A BMW in an abandoned neighbourhood.

We foudn this stuffed animal near some food for real animals.

Admiring the wallpaper.

A kitchen.

The view from a roof.

Click for full size.

At some point, there were snowflakes falling even though it was this sunny.

Anyone in America need this?

A complicated roof system.

This cat was frightened of us. You can see it's already been caught by the TNR people.

First flowers of the spring. Not sure what they are.

Looking a little impatient.

Lots of murals and graffiti here.

And yes, "Coffee Cum." The Korean basically confirms they meant to spell "cum" but could've gone with something else, like "qoom."

A stray pokemon.

And some sort of guy.

Anyone lose a camera and extra lens?

Click for full size.

After we left, we discovered another abandoned neighbourhood nearby.

We got two pictures and then an angry worker arrived on his motorcycle to chase us away.

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