Noryangjin Protest

I showed up at Noryangjin Station at 3am and found a lot of protesters around.

I quickly ran into an old friend.

I was brought around and introduced to a number of the protesters.

They had fortified the steps up to the overpass that used to lead to the old market. It is now a tent village for the protesters. I can't share much information about it.

There were a lot of chains, razorwire, and flammables.

A side view.

The mood was tense.

Note the huge stock of water. It was for throwing, not drinking. Apparently the police had told them throwing water would be allowed.

There was some seafood still, but I wasn't sure if it was actually for sale or just a prop.

Another look at the water supply.

This woman is armed with water.

So is she.

I don't fancy the fishes' chances.

Then right around 4am, the hired goons showed up across the street, next to Dongjak Police Station.

They took control of the street.

They sent in tow trucks to remove some of the cars parked in front, but protesters blockaded them.

Climbing onto the tow truck.


After a tense time waiting, suddenly we were surrounded by the hired goons.

The police were deployed all throughout the site and standing passively in formation.

I tried to stay out of the way.

Then the hired goons started tearing through the tents to get through the perimeter.

One person is throwing water scooped out of the tank.

A hired goon gets doused in water.

A fish is dumped out.

I retreated to a safer distance.

Just in time as someone emptied out a fire extinguisher.

People started grappling.

The police were there, sort of.

The goons dismantled every single tent.

The cops link arms to form a wall.

So do the protesters sort of.

It was intimidating being surrounded by all this.

There are the hired goons at the other side of the temporary market.

His jacket said NS Construction.

I slipped through the lines and got to my scooter which was parked right behind me, too close to the action.

Seen from across the street.

A gimbap street nearby.

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