New Shaggy's Village

On my way, I was surprised to see this church was offering a vegan cooking seminar.

I drove into the abandoned neighbourhood and found myself stuck at the top of a stairway.

I can't quite read this handwriting to figure it out.

Sounds like a Mega Man villain.

Which one of them is Shaggy?

I got onto a roof and saw it was a pretty large eviction zone.

Click for full size.

There was a street running through here that had a lot of businesses on it.

Some of the walls had art.

There was also a long mostly straight alley that ran right through this area. It is somewhat unusual to see such planning on a small but big scale in neighbourhoods like this.

I liked how these roof tiles were protected by glass.

Those are the stairs from the beginning.

A mural in the commercial alley.

Bright colours.

There was a lot of writing on some of the busiensses. This seems to be directions to a new location.

Interesting how the eviction signs are put over faces.

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