Yulgok Tunnel

It's almost starting to look like a fully functional tunnel.

They're gonna try to make it look traditional.

Some of the facade isn't on yet.

Here's how the tunnel looks from the other side.

That traditional wall is part of Jongmyo.

When I was looking through the pictures, my first thought on seeing this was "How did I get a picture of myself?"

There's that oldish concrete bridge that used to connect the two sites.

At some point they'll presumably bury all this.

I decided to go visit the scaffolding.

From there I could see out onto Yulgongno where it passes in front of the palace.

Looking back.

The weird smudge in the sky is created by autofill.

I went to look at the bridge closer.

The stairs on the left led into a weird area on the edge of the palace grounds.

This sign is telling me not to go back the way I came.

One more view of the bridge.

Now some construction materials. A rope ladder.

Fun seeing this concrete propped up by wood.

Time to head back.

They've widened the road, I think from four lanes to six. This used to be a big traffic choke point before.

Plus there are sidewalks.

The inside.

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