Santa's Underground Army

I showed up at the riverside entrance, to find construction work going on for the second year in a row.

They were installing hot water pipes.

So I went to the upstream entrance, where a Christmas tree was set up.

It ended up being moved.

Back at Yongsan Station to find my army. I took the elevator up to the top of that platform they built over the stairs. It was slow and it took a long time for the door to open. As soon as I stepped out, I said "I hate it up here." In this direction, you can see across the former red-light district (and tent village) to the Yongsan Disaster site. The tallest building is where it happened.

Looking toward the parking entrance.

And Dragon Hill Spa.

And there's my army, sitting under the platform.

We went back to the tunnel entrance, where I found a Bone Tunnel bone out in the open.

And oh look, a gift from Santa!

Inside the Bone Tunnel, someone had left the lights on.

This is as far as I got. The water got too deep after the next step.

A group photo.

Santa wanted to use this as a weapon.

Someone was messing with the remote shutter.

Looking toward the exit.

Not sure what happened here.

I had to climb up the ladder to get the last member of our group.

They stayed down here until I got back.

Time to keep going.

We got to the usual halfway point for fireworks.

First we needed bait for the monsters.

One of the fireworks was just this fountain kind. Not that exciting.

So we set off roman candles.

We were able to do this with no threat to either person.

This is what happens when you walk in front of the camera.

Coetzer lit another fountain firework and threw it only after it started to erupt.

Ryan threw much earlier.

Then my camera battery died.

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