Cut Lon show in Seendosi

I arrived as Korose was playing. Apparently their name means "Kill Someone" in Japanese.

Every time I tried to photograph Haru, Daemin bodychecked me.

Testing the speedlight. It works well in here.

Gumiho sets up.


Three arms.

Note that yes, she does have a fox tail.

I went up on the roof for a bit.

Now here's Cut Lon.

This turned out to be Sot/Quang, the guy I interviewed.

The lead singer was very friendly too.

The bassist was a substitute since the usual guy couldn't get a Korean visa.

Caspin also had her own Pikachu thing.

Kind of an unfortunate perspective.

Two heads are better than one.

He promised a big finale, which turned out to be getting this rubber chicken to handle the vocal work.


I can't remember the last time I saw 13 Steps.

Turn for Our

After, we wandered into Nogari Alley.

Lots of art on the wall.

A bunch of other people photobombed this one.

Time to wander in a homeward direction.

I had a scare during the show when I looked at my arm, and the wristband looked skin colour and my hand looked like it was turning purple. You can kind of see it here too.

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