Duncan Reid and the Big Heads at Strange Fruit

I arrived just as Russ Mainwaring began playing.

This was a combination of his band the Stingrays with the Patients.

I had less expectations for them, but they sounded great.

After them was Gureung Train which was hard to pin down. Their songs had a lot of different sophisticated rhythms, including reggae.

Sophie and one of their roadies started dancing together.

Next is Duncan Reid and the Big Heads.

The two female members.

The day before, I gave Heynam a chance to warn them about my photography. Every live music photographer gets somewhat goofy shots, but the difference is I love them and upload them.

I got all four of them together.

Russ steps in with his camera.

They made use of a keyboard too.

While she was down on the floor, she leaned her head back twice looking at me upside down, but I missed it both times.

They lean on each other for support a lot.


This time Nick was on the far side from me, so I went over and got a couple of him.

Jihong came over to help with the mic stand.

I took this picture with the flash going through a beer cup.

This is just using the beer cup as a slight reflector.

They do seem like an exceptionally happy band, especially considering this is so far into their tour.

One guy managed to fall asleep, and Nick came over to wake him up.

Here's their setlist. They played "Teenage Kicks" and "Blitzkrieg Bop" for the encore if I remember correctly.

Duncan told me one story about his very first band tour, opening for John Cale, that didn't make it into the article (mostly for length concerns but also because I didn't get all the words quoted properly). The venue had a big cage around the bar, so Cale picked him up and slid him through the bars so he could pour free shots of beer. I didn't have to pick him up or anything but here's him pouring me a free beer too.

After we went to a barbecue restaurant around the corner.

It's possible a number of incriminating videos of me will pop up later.

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