Finding The Host

We went to the halfway point to take the usual pictures.

It started with a bitI think mine ended up being focused more on the immediate foreground.

I left the shutter open for a long while a few times.

Now time for fireworks.

I like this one of the person who held the fireworks coming back. They somewhat lit their body, but only below the line of their flashlight.

This time he crouched.

I'm pretty sure this one was me, as I was the only one who shot any toward the cameras. Also you can see me stumbling back toward the camera.

Coetzer tried making shapes, but I have no idea what he was trying to do.

I went back about 100 meters to have a look at this massive mural of The Host itself. That's me in the lower right corner, and teh mural is up on a walkway.

I did another shot from on the ledge, lightpainting The Host very closely. It worked pretty well I thought. Note the little plaque inside the curve of the tongue; they have these every 20 or 40 meters announcing the depth in from the river. This mural had a second one of these around the tail. I estimate it was 50 meters in length.

Escaping upstream.

We visited the Bone Tunnel quickly and then escaped.

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