National Assembly

Here's a map of the grounds.

They were setting up for a festival for the next day.

This building is where the legislators have their offices. I suspect most of the work gets done here rather than the domed building.

So just like how the KTX has anthropomorphic train mascots, the National Assembly has one, called Hopey.

And his sister, or girlfriend or whatever, Lovey.

This is what genocidal fascists are reincarnated as.

I got closer to the front of the main building to the point that I could see statues and guards.

There was a protest in front.

They did not let me come up that way.

This mural was on a construction wall.

Looks like some heavy renovation. I did not get closer.

A smoking area for people here. I don't remember if these are still legal.

On one side there are park grounds with lots of statues.

These cats will protect us from the politicians.

Good translation.

Hopey and Lovey aren't quite ready to hold hands.

In an exhibit inside, I found a seal sculpture Chretien gave to the Assembly speaker in 1997. Except that's a walrus, isn't it?

I found a mini-assembly room, probably used for field trips.

This is probably a more accurate recreation of the daily lives of elected representatives. And yes, the Assembly in this picture is full of monsters.

Want to experience the legislative process? The door is locked.

I guess they encourage visitors to bring their own axe, for a really authentic experience.

Here's a statue of the former Governor General's building.

And a chart of the evolution of the major political parties. It is not up to date.

A diorama of the establishment of the first South Korean government, with Rhee Syngman as the first assembly speaker. Note the US military leaders seated in front of him, probably the end of the USAMGIK.

The City Council building was only demolished a few years ago, wasn't it?

This one I'd never seen, but apparently it wasn't in Seoul.

The statue of an intern.

The face is nightmarish.

One last look at one of the largest megachurches of Korea.

When I saw this sign I figured it was a pharmacy that specialised in Spam-based remedies.

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