Abandoned Neighbourhood

I stopped by this area which I had visited a few times previously. There was more graffiti than I remembered from before.

A fairly traditional madang.

November 2017.

They left a VCR.

The kitchen.

They broke open the floor to see what was underneath. Probably not appealing enough.

This was right next to the entrance.

Looks sort of like they were trying to draw a skull I guess.

I have no idea what they were trying to say with these figures.

They look friendly.

Should've gone with El Barto. The severed arm is an odd touch.

I decided to start sweeping up.

And vacuuming.

A toilet with a view.

The view.

I had no tripod, so I decided to work fast and use a flash.

Some of the alleys were pretty overgrown.

This place appears to have a basement entrance. I did not go down.

Fun to walk through.

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