Gimhae Kim Graveyard

There were lots of graves out here.

I decided to visit this one.

Looking downhill.

From the top.

Flowers are still being left.

Fairly traditional looking.

All Kims.

Specifically, the Gimhae Kims.

Meanwhile, nearby, I stopped to admire this construction fence so secure you could limbo under it.

This is what it was guarding.

A sign at the tombs.

This shack used to be used for a protest.

I had tor eturn to see more of the tombs.

You can see dates on the sides.

I guess this is how the Christians of the family prefer to be buried.

This was interesting, a playground that seemed to be set up to resemble a rocket. Sort of like the Children's Grand Palace in Pyongyang.

A fancy sign for the abandoned church.

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