PWS Phoenix Fest

Members of The Stable from Middle Kingdom Wrestling rough up one of the younger Korean wrestlers.

The Korean guys arrived and things got chaotic.

The two managers had their own exchange of words.

A referee tries to get between everyone.

Zeda Zhang shows off on the turnbuckle.

Shiho prepares to pounce.

She lands a few punches.

She had completed a kick I think.

Throwing him around outside the ring.

Shiho launches.

Her turn.

Next was Adam Mayhem against Simon Miller.

Kind of surprising Adam could do so well against him.

Here's PWS champion Cho Kyung-ho.

Versus one of the MWK guys.

A full flip.

Jo is all tied up.

Then everything exploded into a big brawl.

Two of them throw Shiho.

I think this is Gustav.

The MWK guys back off.

Their manager has a lot of finger-pointing to do.

One final confrontation.

Simon Miller returns, seemingly grateful to have stayed out of the drama.

A final curtain call minus the guys from China.

Now group photos. Apparently only VIP ticket holders get to go up.

Then someone's daughter joined.

At least she looks at my camera.

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