First I stopped by a small cluster of closed buildings I found.

One is a parking garage.

The worker's office.

Instructions about how to load your car.

I had a coworker whose wife was injured in one of these. Glad I don't need to use them.

This is how the exterior looks.

And the other building.

I have been exploring this building for over 10 years. It is still standing as a construction site goes up around it.

The ground floor is used for parking.

There were workers trickling out through that safety gate, so I didn't stay long or look closer.

Some random other closed building I found.

From across the street.

This is one of the more interesting apartment designs I've seen.

This is pretty standard.

Some interesting garbage.

Another bamboo wife.

Next stop was Guryong Village.

I tried to photograph as many of these repurposed tarps used for building material as possible.

Stark contrast.


They demolished two blocks of apartments but not the street between them.

The wall had a series of career ideas, including computer enginner.

Funny there isn't a better word than "sport man."

I think this says "Let's guarantee Hyundai E&C's building has vacancies."

At least they acknowledge they needed an editor.

Where you go to learn how to make construction fence art.

More apartments in the same region.

This is a random other building that's been standing like this for a couple years.

Another look at Seopyeonje as the sunlight moves.

And a comfort woman statue in Itaewon.

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