Just a collapsed house I passed on the way to Suwon.

I parked here safely.

I couldn't tell if this house was abandoned.

A pretty bold statement from a gas station.

Hogye Market is in bad shape due to nearby urban renewal.

There's what I've been calling Cheong Wa Dae South -- the prison where Park Geun-hye is staying.

This became my Facebook profile photo.

This area has already seen heavy demolition.

There's the market.

That mannequin on the roof gaave me quite a start.

A fortune teller.

There were lots of these inside.

I liked this somewhat symmetrical design.

A map of the area.

A factory complex that could be abandoned.

Hey, a pickup truck, sort of.

I found several abandoned factories in this area.

Oh look, the railroad museum.

And some sort of protest banner.

An I Want.

This is the gate to a once-abandoned Buddhist temple.

Surprisingly colourful.

Hair Bucks.

This is the street corner where I had my first scooter accident. I was stopped at the red light approximately where this photo was taken from. The light turned green, and a second later a bus charged through from left to right in front of me. After it was safe, I proceeded. A car came from the right, made a right turn into my lane, and hit me from behind. I jumped off without harm.

Later the driver claimed I'd run the red light, but because of that bus I was 100 cognitively certain I hadn't. We ended up getting him to pay for all the damage.

The toilet museum park.

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