It's a Fest Part 4

We walked out into the water when the tide seemed even further out.

We were at least a kilometer out.

...Whatever That Means played while the light was bad.

Jackson showed up on his bike. Apparently there is still a ferry from Incheon to Yeongjongdo.

Coetzer needed a nap.

Jackson escaped into the water.

Burning Hepburn

Howard borrowed this temporarily.


An elderly woman joined the mosh pit.

Coetzer kept makign lewd gestures at me no matter where I was. A lot of people thought he was aiming this at the band at one point, so I had to stand in front of the stage.

Hamburger rock!

Jackson couldn't take it.

Another Jeff and Trash talk.

And the Hanagae guy again.


Coetzer told this guy from Half-Asleep he liked his shirt.

So the guy gave him the shirt as a gift.

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