It's a Fest Part 1

The first band was Gumiho.

There's Jeff in his special chair.

The lighting was terrible in the early afternoon.

The crowd so far.

I headed for the water.

Followed by friends.

I got pictures fo them playing in the water.

Or attempting to.

She's having fun.

Howard brought his drone.

Next band I saw was A'Z Bus.

My name was on the banner for being a donor. Jeff asked me what I wanted to put, and wouldn't accept my first suggestion, "Jeff sucks."

More A'Z Bus.

Preparing for a wall of death.

Spilled beer.

Not his kids.

Next: Talkbats.

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

The one on the left was where I stayed.

The Sino Hearts

Morgan offered...something to drink.

It was accepted.

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