Jeju Island

The tea fields at Osulloc Tea Plantation.

One colourful car among a row of grey, white, and black. Guess which one was ours.

The mist was piling up over Sanbangsan.

We stopped at Sanbang Temple.

A whole family of Buddhists.

Another look at that pirate ship.

They had a pretty large golden Buddha up here.

As we wandered around, a monk came by with two young helpers.

They were carrying what looks sort of like a turtle ship turned back into a living creature. They do not look like they enjoy doing this.

This is the room for worshipping the mountain spirit.

I'm guessing the glasses belonged to someone at the temple who passed away.

They threw the turtle ship in this oven and burned it. My parents wondered if it was a cremation, but there's no way...right?

The air quality wasn't great at the moment.

A little later, the clouds consumed Sanbangsan.

We stopped by the abandoned circus to see the horses.

They were hot.

One of the horses was very friendly.

It was covered with ticks, and my hand brushed against some of them. I made note to wash my hands thoroughly at the soonest possibly opportunity.

We did not go inside the abandoned circus.

Time for one last meal on Jeju.

And a trip to the waterfront.

And then we met up with some of my Jeju friends, who had never met each other before. Tyler is holding a candle my sister sent as a gift, following my instructions to look confused.

Moira brought along her friend, who later became head chef of this same restaurant where we had met.

Time to head back to Seoul.

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