Jeju Island

My mom steps onto the beach at Gimnyeong.

We walked out on some volcanic rocks.

This is how the beach looks. Not that crowded.

There is another beach in the distance. Turns out that's the one we were supposed to go to.

We had food near the beach.

A nice mural.

Over at the hedge maze, there were fewer cats this time.

I made pretty good time through the maze.

My parents were somewhere down there.

There are two of them.

Diana gives me her review.

It turns out the main building at Jeju Peace Park is closed on Mondays. We were able to visit the graveyard for people who were never recovered.

Then after a long and interesting drive up through the middle of the mountain, just to the east, we arrived in Seogwipo and decided to find a hotel here.

And do some exercise.

This looks like a flower made out of meat.

This is how those flowers are made.

A pretty odd building.

And an abandoned resort building nearby too.

This was right next to our hotel.

I went up to the roof to see the view. The first thing I saw when I walked out was a woman in her 20s, totally naked except for a very small towel she was holding in front of her torso. I went and took the photo I wanted, and then hurried away.

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