HBC Fest

We came in when the Peter James Duo was playing.

Lance, the festival organiser, jioned in. Apparently the other guy is his brother.

Next was my dad.

After him was Kerey Smith.

We stopped by Linus' BBQ to see John Patrick Starling.

And we ran into Robert Joe's dog Dubu.

Next we went up to Hair of the Dog to see Lance and Tom Daly.

Never heard of Tom Daly before but he was an impressive singer.

We caught Heo So-young at Boogie Woogie.

And then Gumiho upstairs at Pet Sounds.

Later we went to Philly's for Talkbats.

Followed by Texas Flood.

I think this was Kimchi Cowboys.

It is only dawning on me now that the keyboardist reminds me of Sonny Shine from the TV show "Happy!", played by this guy.

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