More Gwangju

I feel like I saw the original picture this is based on recently.

Places we visited last time.

The low-rent red-light district of the area.

Some found art.

Dr. Shin shares a family tree.

More art.

Looking for more treasure.

That's a tall one.

Roof level.

Dr. Shin gives his theory that you never see hired goon activity in Gwangju because Gwangju understands human rights.

There were a lot of heartbreaking things to find in here.

Expo 2012.

Imagine being the guy who thought this room needed that.

Dr. Shin told us a bit about these art pieces.

Interesting window.

Here's the view from up here.

I've never seen a walkway like this in an abandoned neighbourhood before.

Presuably the last occupant.

I had to have a closer look. Ah now I see, Joan of Arc.

Running out of time.

First Expo, now Olympics.

An appropriate name.

One last glimpse of them.

I come all the way to Gwangju to find a Seoul-branded beer.

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