Choi Buja Jib

There's the house.

Mrs. Choi shows us in.

You can kind of tell by looking at her that she was a piano teacher.

Can't quite read this.

I found this bell.

The dog followed us around and barked but was fairly meek.

This is inside the living area where Mrs. Choi lives.

Admiring the woodwork.

Dr. Shin scrubs down a wooden platform we are about to sit on.

This picture shows the front gate that used to be the entrance to this property. A university bought the property and demolished it for no apparent reason.

Dr. Shin holds it for Isaiah to get a shot.

Interesting detail on this thing.

I wandered away for a second and foudn the staircase up to the second floor. I took this and hurried back, not willing to totally break the rules.

We sat around and hat Vita 500 drinks and heard her talk about the house.

A very emotional picture.

Time to do this again.

In the space between levels, we found this little crawlspace. Apparently the way things are suspended from above is very Japanese.

Hard to photograph in its entirety but that beam is pretty impressive.

I found a balcony and looked out on a nearby structure that's part of the estate.

Don't worry, only my camera was over the line.

A house in bad shape next door. I think it was in the same state last time.

I got into the second storey area, which was a very dusty old study room. Note the interesting cutouts just under the ceiling.

I wanted to see what was up that hole.

This is what's up the hole.

Impressed now?

Admiring the wiring.

Isaiah's turn.

More of these.

The top of the stairs.

Mrs. Choi was waiting for us downstairs, with Dr. Shin.

This is the original Mr. Choi who built the house, her grandfather I think.

Then she took us into the active part of the structure.

Very large wardrobe.

Here's her kitchen. And bathroom.

Pictures of her through time, along with her daughter.

Behind the modern kitchen there was a traditional kitchen space.

She served us coffee.

Heading out.

This is where the traditional gate used to stand.

We didn't get a story about the truck.

The farewells begin.

Now the photos together begin.

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