That's a pretty dumb name, even if they're selling mood enhancers.

I spotted a picture of Michael Simning over the bar at Speakeasy, which I ended up using in a somewhat unrelated article a short while later.

Seen at a museum in Gwangju.

I had a half hour to kill, and oh look an abandoned building.

Interesting courtyard structure.

The interior was pretty basic.

They stacked a bunch of wood poles here just because.

This actually gave me quite a scare when I first saw it.

From the roof I could see other buildings well.

Including that fairly large house that looked in bad shape.

It was all small rooms facing outward, not connected on the inside.

An interesting banner.

In case you want to see it better.

A pretty bad hole in the ceiling, probably the result of a small leak over a long time.

This was as far as I could get.

Heading back.

This is the front of that structure.

Here's how the Jeonil Building looks now.

Some random other building I think was in the same state last time I was here.

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