Trip to Suwon

Up in northern Suwon, I found my memories of it containing a vast wasteland on the edge of the apartments was mostly accurate.

I used to live somewhere around this street.

I recall this tunnel which led to an older brick neighbourhood which back in those days scared me because I thought it would be crime-ridden.

More recently, the tunnel had been decorated with images from the animation accompanying this song. If you know me well you can probably guess who the singer is, and no, it's not the guy named in the title.

It seems to depict a diver on Jeju.

Or more specifically her daughter and her animal friends.

All this happens in the video.

This is how it would feel if you were to go back to your hometown and discover that your ex-girlfriend had moved in there.

This is how the area looked back then.

I'm not sure it was so overgrown, or had buildings that looked more like they were from Pyongyang back then.

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