Trip to Suwon

I was impressed that Gwacheon had a crossing light for bikes.

This wide open area is Indeogwon.

In Anyang I passed an abandoned neighbourhood. I was late to meet a friend but stopped for a quick look around anyway.

It was relatively newly abandoned, without that many blankets up yet.

A nearby market.

Well I learned some interesting new words. Church of Satan indeed.

A protest van.

Playing chicken with a school van.

The highrises seem to mark the far end of the area.

Then down in Uiwang, I found what looked at first like an abandoned gas station.

There were offices.

Once again, I didn't have a close look.

I have vague memories of that underpass from 2004. Seeing it made me realise I hadn't made it up in a dream.

Another hardworking man.

This one is more handsome than normal.

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