RASKB Tour with Robert Fouser

Robert talks somewhere along the city wall.

Ryan made a friend.

This newly built structure was a mystery to us.

I found a way in, but still no answers.

Meanwhile, at an actual temple.

There were some interesting murals on the temple. This one shows three creatures attempting to seduce a guy who I guess was one of the Buddhas. Notice the breasts and the facial hair.

That's a large Buddha.

I took one picture of the nun showing us around, and then she told us she didn't want to be photographed. This is how the picture turned out.

A sign about demolition in the area, seeming to say it won't happen.

Another temple.

We climbed up.

There was a cave up here.

Probably more of a manmade tunnel.

Group photo.

This street pointed right at Namsan.

A motorcycle buried under stuff.

Oh look, something abandoned.

It was a mess inside.

I thought this was a jacket at first.

We did not go upstairs.

Looks like an easy way out.

Old tiles.

I'd always seen that cliff face from a distance and wanted to see it up close.

A sewing machine at a sewing museum.

I came close to getting a very good shot of a cat jumping from hanok to hanok. Too bad about those settings.

I'm in a Nam June Paik exhibit!


Good art.

Looks like they're doing work on a stream in front of Changdeokgung.

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