Around Yongsan

I have definitely shared the roads with the driver of this car many times.

What looks like an abandoned house in my neighbourhood.

This was something I wanted to trace down for that Transactions article. A fairly small lead but it seems a stream ran through this alley.

Over on the other side of Namsan, I saw two workers, one working harder than the other.

I've noticed this tunnel a lot before, but never been up on top.

Another worker working hard.

Plans have been announced that this area will be redeveloped, but it still seems active.

There's graffiti here and there.

This looks a little more like it was done with permission.

A closer look at that worker. Looks like he's had a lot of plastic surgery.

After tracing the directions in this story, I found, not surprisingly, an abandoned building. More surprisingly, the roads have not changed much since the 1950s.

Inside on the ground floor there were storefronts.

Upstairs was residential.

So that's how that is done.

Basically all empty.

The top floor had a bit of furniture.

Not to mention a nice bathtub.

Alarmingly, a motion-activated light came on in the stairs, but it must be on a battery or something because nobody lives up here.

Looking out over Itaewon.

Heading down.

At first I thought this was something dead.

Down at the front was a computer monitor showing surveillance on the front fence. I did not come in that way.

The basement was terribly moldy.

Next stop was Hooker Hill.

Still closed and left alone.

Next I headed across the river.

Some Sevit.

On Jamsugyo.

Looking back at the north side of the river around Dongbinggo-dong.

Apartments for remodeling. I was told about these a few weeks earlier before the fences went up, but didn't make it in time.

An oddly pensive sign about this.

This shows the area to be destroyed.

Asbestos abatement dates.

Looking over the fence.

Between the buildings.


An open door.

There was a nice park back here.

I found lots of dead bees or wasps or whatever.

Took me a while to figure out these were cat shelters.

I found a way in but it was too dangerous to do alone.

This path was safe enough though.

A map of the area.

A barricade at the entrance to Noryangjin Market.

The old market does seem to have totally lost power except for what's provided by generators.

It looked like it wanted to come with me.

Yes, I did buy seafood on this visit.

It looked like there was a confrontation over here.

The new building.

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