Dangerous Signs

From the right lane, this sign for the police station obscures part of the traffic light.

I ran out into the road to take this picture when it was safe. The police station sign is still way too large and covers too much, but we can also see how the electronic signboard is dangerous too. The electronic lights on it switch from one thing to another, with circularish lights such as the pictured green arrow and 16 minutes flickering into view every few seconds.

Below is the safety report I wrote and submitted to the government.

A couple times while driving south on Wonhyo-ro, I have had to make emergency stops when a red light jumped out at me. Neither time was there any damage or harm done. After that, I knew to always be extra careful of unseen dangers on that stretch of road, so I drove as if a disaster could happen any second. Other drivers and pedestrians might not be aware of the danger.

It took me a couple passes before I figured out why I was having so many troubles with this road. There are two major problems:

1. A large sign pointing the way to Seoul Yongsan Police Station hangs over the road, partly obscuring the traffic light. I think this is why on both of my incidents, I felt like I didn't even notice a red light until I was too close.

2. An electronic sign a little further down the road contains a lot of glowing yellow worods, as well as some green symbols, including a green arrow roughly the same size as a red light, and "16 ?." So when drivers are approaching, they will always see green lights above the road that could be signaling them to proceed when they shouldn't. (note I should've added but didn't: the lights on this sign change frequently, meaning you might be approaching the intersection and suddenly a green light flashes on above the road.)

It is easy to see how either sign could obscure driver visibility of the traffic light. Their presence is a safety risk and both should be moved or redesigned to increase visibility of the traffic light.

And here's a somewhat shortened version of what the police told me:

Greetings from the Seoul Yongsan Police Station (Division of General Affairs)! Your petition is understood to be related to "securing the seeing line through the transfer of Yongsan Police Station signs or traffic lights." Based on our review of your inquiries, hereunder is our reply: 1. We do not think a police station sign alone on the road will solve the problem. 2. The solution requires overall maintenance, including traffic lights. We will discuss with the relevant departments, find a way to enhance the distinct characteristics, and resolve the issues. I hope the foregoing is a satisfactory reply to your question. Thank you.
I'm not too sure, but in (1) do they think I'm advocating for removing the traffic light, not the police sign? I think by (2) I shouldn't hold my breath for a solution, but doubt I could have expected more from them.
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