This is not a real police department, just a movie set in an abandoned army base.

That's one big G.

An abandoned area I found along the western corridor.

These signs were everywhere. They don't exactly scare me away but they don't entice me.

This is a very skinny area where you can look down and see across the skinny valley.

Out front on the sidewalk.

A closing sale in a bed store with smashed windows.

Wandering through the alleys.

There was a narrow passage back here.

The destination wasn't too interesting.

The passage became more interesting.

Lots of bones.

Clearly some work was done do prevent a collapse.

Here's a nice vertical view.

Nearby I stopped by another abandoned neighbourhood where I was too late. Impressive they would destroy the land below this temple without destroying the temple too.

What they're building, which apparently shows the temple will survive behind a new highrise apartment complex.

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