RASKB Trip to Gangseo-gu

I didn't start taking pictures until we reached Mita Temple.

This Buddha with the UFO hat is apparently from the future, and will come soon to save humanity. Running out of time, pal!

In the distance, you can see Gimpo Airport.

This guy seems to be holding one of those skinny guitars.

Ryan climbed up with me to see everything closer.

There were a lot of very interesting statues up here.

A lot. It was like we were being lured into a trap.

This guy got split in half.

And he has something in his eye.

Picking his ear.

This statue wouldn't stay still.

Lots of smaller statues.

David Mason takes over Matt's tour for a bit.

Lots of butt goats.

Here's a group photo.

We got a good view of the river.

Matt sticks his finger in the way.

He pulled out a laptop to show off some historic photos.

This is crying for some photoshop.

And this is at Yaksa Temple.

There are a lot of tombs up on this mountain.

They went for a closer look.

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