Somehow I had never seen this part of the market area before.

Or this guard post.

Our goal is to get onto that hill in the distance.

Some interesting drainage features.

This is on top of the hill at another guard post.

At first I thought this was a grave for Korea.

We went to this part outside the walls where there are lots of boulders.

And here's the pavilion on top.

Heading downhill toward Hwaseo Gate.

I think that one is Hwaseo Gate.

Here's the water gate.

And the traditional toilets.

This was surprisingly scenic.

We saw a hot air balloon rising.

Time for galbi.

we went to Suwon Station to catch a train.

It was discovered we could buy train tickets for teh West Gold train from Suwon to Seoul. It was more than you should pay but not by a lot.

We sat in one of the ondol rooms, and were told we would have to pay extra, but they didn't care much because nobody else was going to use it so they looked the other way.

Heating up.

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