Abandoned Base

First, a look at Moon Club.

The base has a nice new gate.

And a pinkish construction crate.

Blah blah blah, if you want to go in, do these things.

Here's a map of the base, showing the sports field and Omma Poom Park.

Dare we?

No, we just climbed it, risking exposure to razor wire.

The bowling alley had a new sign on it. Pretty sure this is not a mental hospital.

A disposable sign for the mental hospital. It was from a drama filmed here.

I don't know if these were here last time.

Lots of wasted space, probably not the effect they were going for.

Okay, this was not here for long. It has to be another prop.

Fake blood smeared on a wall.

It would be ironic if it were real blood and we were walking through a murder scene.

This new sign, planted close to where I heard chemicals being poured out.

The gym building was filled with posters I'd never seen before. They were all printed on the same low-quality paper, so probably more movie sets.

Fake damage to make them looked age. What would even damage paper hanging in an abandoned hallway like that?

We found this big banner, which has pretty awful capitalisation.

We found the same movie sets as before, with some changes made. They must be recycling them for multiple productions.

Survival of the fittest.

Lots of peeling paint.

Apparently this building is going to be restored to be used as a hostel for returning adoptees.

More fake blood.

A cafeteria.

And there's the back gate.

A bunch of flags.

Here's the sign at the entrance to Omma Poom Park.

The comfort woman statue.

Another statue, also with donated clothes.

This banner shows images from the opening ceremony I missed.

I interviewed one of these guys, a half-Korean adoptee born in the 1950s, pictured with his war veteran adopted father who adopted four children in total.

We hiked up through one of the paths the soldiers used to have to take.

Entrance to another barracks.

I mean mental hospital.

It was not a safe roof.

Pentagrams in the pavement.


This building seemed to be a medical facility.

That's just what I wanted to see.

Similar to hired goon graffiti.

This building seemed to have a theater.

No one at the field today.

I used the washroom. It was five stars, even heated.

A dead raccoon.

And back in the ville.

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