Baedari Area

Here's a map of the area, conveniently ignoring the road running right through.

I visited Space Beam, now Incheon Culture Brewery. The robot is missing an arm.

This hanok is being restored across the street.

A look at the ceiling.

These are the cats of Space Beam. They had an opening out back so they could escape.

Here's the land that was intended for the road, converted into an urban park.

I need to find out more about this school.

Heading uphill into Ugakro Culture Village.

There are some attempts at painting up houses.

Some places are boarded up.

And there are murals.

I stopped in front of the gate to the big building and turned around to take this picture. A guy walking by seemed to be watching me so I didn't stay long.

Around the other side, there's this very interesting steep road leading up to the building.

Looking down it.

These creatures, which the police only ever use for torture.

A nice mural.

Hey, a Cheondoist church.

A different kind of church, where they don't worship proofreaders.

Thanks, Samho.

Dirty hands wiped on a wall. Maybe from charcoal delivery.

This is what would have been the road entrance to the area.

This area is known for its bookstores.

Kerning helps.

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