Abandoned Neighbourhood

Well I couldn't get to the roof, but on the bright side, two new entries for the K-Iceberg.

This gate structure is out behind the station.

A tour course of Dongincheon area with most of the places censored.

Goodbye, with an abandoned neighbourhood across the street.

I walked in toward this church.

A lot of the remaining houses here were this size.

Just a few days ago, I got into a disagreement on UER about the ethics of taking flags. Some Americans think it's best to take them for proper disposal, but I'm not going to risk it.

The view from a roof.

There's a gate below me and then more abandonments.

There is a lot of debris here.

Trying to figure out a way through the alleys.

Click for full panorama.

Some roofs in bad shape.

Over in that direction was the loudest and most violent-sounding cat war I'd ever heard.

This house has been outfitted with a very new, very intrusive canopy. They probably thought it made the house look nicer.

Another canopy.

When tic-tac-toe gets personal.

Lots of demolition already.

A cat!

I thought someone was watching me in that building, but it was just Jesus.

Click for full panorama.


A better view of the people watching me.

I found a community center.

It had a curiously named "Moon Village" book cafe.

When I saw the statue over there, I started to understand where I was.

More wreckage. Click for full panorama.

I found a bunch of military magazines.

Anyone know where this is?

This is the only cat in the whole area I ever saw eating any of the food I brought.

Getting closer to the statue.

I got right up to the wall blanket. I'd been here before a couple years earlier, before it was demolished.

I squeezed under the fence and came face to face with this guy.

Looking down over the closed roadway.

And back at the demolished area.

Here's one of the tunnel entrances.

Inside it seems like it just goes around a curve and opens up not too far on the other side.

The other entrance.

Here's its name.

There's another neighbourhood remaining over here.

Not all in great shape.

I got up on a roof for a view of the area. Here you can see the road going off into the distance where it connects with an active road.

Click for full panorama.

Here you can see the closed tunnels, the moon village museum up top, and the demolition to the left.

In the distance, you can see a bit of the sea.

A look at the other side.

And here you can see the museum and statue a littel better.

Sex is everywhere.

My next destination was that hill over there with that large modern building on top.

And a look toward the train station.

One more showing the Baedari area.

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