It was so misty we could barely see Dragon City.

The old post office is being fenced off, most likely for demolition.

The requisite group photo. Because it was raining outside and nobody was using the riverside path, we lingered in the entrance more than usual.

A huge pile of garbage had collected under one grate.

Monster footprint!

We reached the halfway point.

Leaving the shutter open as we walk around.

Fireworks time.

We somehow managed to get two guys firing roman candles at each other, without either ever being hit.

Tracing the pillars with a laser pointer.

The Gwangju guys were stuck with what else to write.

Then someone suggested drawing a dick, so I went out and drew this.

At that point, it became obvious we had to have a contest to see who could draw the best one.

The clear winner.

A second attempt.

It was harder for him to do it with someone standing in the way.


Last entry, with pubes.

Seven of clubs in a weird place.

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