This is Yangmiok, a well-known intestine restaurant. We had lunch there later.

I was surprised that demolition was ongoing, even on the first day of the Lunar New Year long weekend.

A look at the demolition area, with Seun Sangga in the background.

They didn't like us observing and taking pictures. Lucky for us we had a couple activists with us, as well as a journalist.

The building in the foreground with the handpainted sign was facing imminent demolition.

This forklift was backing up through the narrow alley.

People still walk through here.

A lot of wreckage.

Apparently "Woori Tech" is the store name.

Here's our guide, one of the protest leaders.

We went into a cramped machine shot and got the chance to take pictures of it.

Stuff like this, I can't really describe.

This guy was using this machine to turn metal rods into valves.

Matt looks on.

You can see the rod going into the machine.

Levers. The blue oval apparently identifies this as having some sort of connection to Gwangju.

Gwangju News!

Ian tries to wrap his head around it.

All handpainted signs, probably going back to the 1950s or 1960s.

We didn't see the sauna.

Waiting for us to follow.

I don't know exactly what the fire was supposed to do.

Thanking our guide.

An anti-redevelopment poster.

In Yangmiok.

Next we went to Seun Sangga.

Looking out over the district.

The demolition is visible from here.

These buildings are pretty old too.

Must've been interesting to draw this here.

From the public roof of Seun Sangga, we were able to view the demolition area.

This is a conceptual image for another section, located opposite Seun Sangga from the demolition area. This project might be cancelled now.

Looking toward Dongdaemun.

Same view in a panorama.

The sun was starting to come out.

Looking toward the downtown core.

Looking toward Jongmyo, with the SKKU campus visible in the distance.

Seun Sangga has its own exhibit showing archaeological ruins.

We stopped by Slow Slow Quick Quick but no one was there.

We wandered into a market I'd never seen before.

Millions of dead fish.

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