Yongsan Strays

The three cats my friend looks after hang out behind this fence.

This one seemed the most willing to be photographed.

Was still cautious.

Very cautious.

The other two chose to be a little more mobile, and my friend left them piles of cat food in the open.

We went to another area with lots of cats.

I got to feed this guy.

This guy was a little more suspicious of me.

Some fun scratching photos.

He goes back into hiding under the building. There is a long row of buildings here with ample clearance underneath for cats.

He risks coming out for some cat food.

Two of the many cat shelters here.

I wanted to photograph them both together.

But he wouldn't cooperate.

Back in hiding.

One quick look at the historic old bridge over Mancho Stream, now frozen over.

We drove around to the part of the base that's mostly closed off, and found more stray cats hanging around.

Closer look.

I shot this out the front window as we were driving over the overpass. The ridge directly ahead is a prominent feature in my own neighbourhood.

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